OTC complies with Public Law 101-542, the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act, as amended by Public Law 102-26, the Higher Education Technical Amendments Act of 1991. Students and employees are required to report immediately all criminal actions, accidents, injuries or other emergencies occurring on college property or in college facilities to the Office of Safety and Security located in the Information Commons or staff member in charge of the facility or activity, or to the office of the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services in the Information Commons, IC 204,  (417) 447-4852.

As soon as practicable after a criminal action, accident, injury, or other emergency situation, employees and students shall file with Safety & Security, a written report for each incident. Information concerning criminal actions, accidents, injuries, or other emergencies on college property or in college facilities will be disseminated to faculty, staff, and current and/or prospective students as required by law. All reports required by law concerning campus criminal actions or other emergencies will be compiled and reported to the appropriate agencies by the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services or his/her designee.

Jeanne Clery Report – 2009, 2010, 2011